19th Oct2011


by sam

I usually don’t like scary and gory murder mysteries, but the TV show Dexter has me completely hooked and on the edge of my seat every week.  It’s not the typical police drama; it has a major twist and is much darker.  Dexter is a blood spatter analyst for the Miami PD by day and is a serial killer by night.  He kills all of the criminals in the city that the police can’t seem to get a hold of.  It’s almost as if he is a superhero.  The show has recently come back for its 6th season and it looks very promising. I have found that the show reaches a wide variety of audiences including high school teenagers, college aged students, mothers, and grandfathers.  The show always catches my attention because things never go the way you expect them to.  I would definitely recommend the show to anyone looking for a new series to get into.  Netflix offers all of the seasons on DVD and recommends it for people who watch Bones and Weeds.

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