07th Sep2011

Are You Getting Glued?

by sam

So there is a new app and social networking site called Get Glue.  Only now did I just realize that the name probably came from the idea of being “glued to the TV” as I so often am.  You can check into watching TV shows, Movies, reading books etc… It’s a social network for entertainment and right up my couch potato alley!  I can see what my friends are watching and talk to them about it.  When you check-in to certain shows you get stickers instead of badges like on foursquare.  Get Glue has partnered with many different TV Networks and promotes their shows by awarding stickers to people who check-in to a new episode while it’s on.  But get this, they actually send you the stickers!!!  It gives me another reason to watch more TV, like I don’t watch enough already.  I got my first set of stickers in the mail and they are amazing, I’m covering a side table with them and will post a picture as soon as it’s done.  It may take a while because they only send you 20 stickers per month due to the cost.  They also have a recommender system built in where you can rate and like shows or movies and they tell you based on your ratings which others they think you will like.  I have found that the system is pretty accurate and I can find things that I actually love.  I find that their suggestions match up with the suggestions on my Netflix account.  Needless to say I have become obsessed with this application and use it all the time.  Interested in joining? Warning: It may convert you to the ultimate couch potato!  Here’s the link, check it out: Get Glue

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