27th Jan2012

Smash Book = Moleskine with Extras?

by sam

I just got an email from Michaels (the craft store) about this Smash Book.  It is what would result if a moleskine and a scrap book had a baby.  Even though I think its a really interesting product, I don’t think there is anything special about the actual book except that it is a little less expensive than a moleskine.  It seems to me that the pen and the extras (like stickies) are what are really important.  You can buy them all separately and use whatever notebook you want (I’m sure if you look enough you can find a cheap notebook).  The pen is what is the most useful and original.  It is a pen on one end and a glue stick on the other which means its easily transportable for inspiration on the go.  The rest of the stickies and labeled tapes are cute but if you are on a tight budget can all be easily substituted for less expensive items. You can use this concept with your own materials and be just as successful if you’re a creative person.  Although a lot of their elements are a lot of fun.  I think I might head out to the store this weekend and pick one up!

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