31st Jan2012

And the Portfolio Project Begins

by sam

As I begin my second semester of my senior year of college I am finally faced with tackling something I have been putting off for too long; creating a portfolio. I don’t even know where to begin which is why it is such a relief that I have an entire class devoted to it this semester. I have been reading two really great books that have opened my eyes to all of the different types of portfolios I can create and how to start thinking about what kind of portfolio is right for me. (Designing A Digital Portfolio by Cynthia L. Baron and  Building Design Portfolios: Innovative Concepts for Presenting Your Work by Sara Eisenmen)First you need to figure out who you want your audience to be before you can determine how your portfolio is going to look. I want to show my portfolio to art directors at marketing and advertising firms so I need to have an organized and clean portfolio design. I have interned at a financial company, a school of nursing, and an advertising and design firm and felt the most at comfortable and excited about the latter. I have not decided whether or not I want to include my design process in my work or have a separate notebook in the back that I can show if they ask for it. I know that showing how I solve problems creatively is really important to most art directors but I haven’t found a solution that is exactly right yet. I like the idea of having “flexible content” so that I can take out and add in work that is geared toward the specific company that I am interviewing with.


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