08th Feb2012

Logo Dilemma

by sam

Logo Study from 2008

So I started to brainstorm ideas for a personal logo and it is probably the hardest project I have ever done.  For some reason, when it comes to branding myself go blank.  Give me a brand new company, or tell me to make a logo for someone else and I have no problem, but for myself, it requires me to think about how I want to be portrayed and I am not quite sure I’ve decided that yet.  While doing some research, I went back to the sketches of different corporate logos I did during a logo study a few years ago and looked at what I liked about them and what I did not like.  I then tried to think abstractly with the definition of my last name but let’s face it, Baccala is a salted codfish and I definitely do not want to be known as the fish girl.  (My mom thought about hyphenating her name when she got married because it is really beautiful but then quickly realized it was a bad idea.  Her last name, DelCuore, means “of the heart” so it would have literally meant “of the heart of the salted codfish.”)  I also have come to the conclusion that while I am pretty good at visualizing an executing on a computer, my drawing skills are lacking a great deal.  My sketches leave a lot to be desired so I need to really work on my drawing technique.  With that being said, I started jotting down ideas of what I wanted people to think when they saw my logo.  Immediately I wrote down, sleek, clean, and bold.  I want it to be memorable and have a pop of color that can be tied in throughout my entire branding, like my resume and portfolio.  I started playing around with the shapes of the letters in my initials and name and came out with a few logo beginnings that I can really see turning into something great.  Like turning an S on it’s side so that it looks like the infinity symbol or using a talk bubble with my initials abstractly cut out.  Designing personal pieces are the hardest things to do because ultimately, you are trying to sell yourself.

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