23rd Feb2012

Step One Complete

by sam

MY LOGO IS COMPLETE! I finally found a way to represent my last name in a logo without it being overly obvious and branding me as “that fish girl” for the rest of my life.  Instead of working with a fish, I decided to work with the textures and colors of fish. I chose to use blue, teal, and a deep purple and created a pattern that resembled scales to use within a “b.” I was so against using a fish in the beginning that I did not realize how beautiful I could make one of its elements work for me.

Now it’s time to begin the rest of my identity design.  How will I incorporate this logo or parts of it into a business card, letterhead, and envelope? I went to look at Barnes and Noble and was extremely disappointed in the lack of books on the subject.  I know they are out there but there was only one semi-useful book on the shelf.  Lucky for me the one or two different examples of business card and letterhead packages in that book inspired me because it would work beautifully with my logo if altered a bit. Also while browsing the store just for fun I came across some Nook covers designed by Jonathan Adler that use the same colors and similar pattern that I use in my logo.  It helped me to see how I could use that pattern elsewhere, beyond just within my logo. Now its on to finalize those!

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