08th Mar2012

Learning to simplify

by sam

I have been so preoccupied with making a statement with my scales pattern that I had an overwhelming amount of them on my comps for my business cards and letterhead. These comps and sketches have taken over my life. I find myself being inspired by the strangest things. I used Pinterest to look through other designer’s work and found a lot of inspiration there. I had to sit back and reign it in. After simplifying and thinking of ways I could use line rather that pattern to accentuate my logo I came up with a design that I really love and that is much simpler and cleaner. Now I’m onto making comps of my web portfolio. I want the site to reflect the look and feel of the letterhead and business card but also incorporate new elements and be visually pleasing. I want to incorporate the simple teal line into the website but it doesn’t necessarily have to be used in the exact same way that it is used in my business card and letterhead.

I also have been looking over my work from the past and going through and tweaking everything so it represents my work in the way that I want it to.  There are a lot of typography changes from my earlier work that needs to be done and some spacing details that need to be fixed.  Most of them are details that only designers would notice but that is exactly who will be viewing and meticulously going over my work.

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