20th Sep2011

Modern Family is Taking Over

by sam

Modern Family won an Emmy in ever category it was nominated for on Sunday night.  And rightfully so! To me it is the best show on television; it’s funny, realistic, and relatable to almost everyone.  You might not relate to everyone on the show but I’m sure there’s at least one character who reminds you of someone in your life.  I also love the fact that families can watch the show together and it’s funny to everyone.  I’ve never heard of anyone that saw the show and didn’t like it.  Jane Lynch was the host of the Emmy’s this year and after a commercial break she joked and said, “Welcome back to the Modern Family Awards.” I feel attached to the characters and I saw an interview with the writers and they explained that everything that happens in the show has happened in some form to their families.  Everyone needs to watch this show!!

ps.  Madmen also won their category for Best Drama Series for the 4th year in a row!