11th Sep2011

Stop Regulating Me!

by sam

I was trying to catch up on the show Suits on USA Network and of course all of the free ones on the internet with no commercials were already taken down due to infringement.  So, I went to Hulu and once again USA is laughing in my face because I am so far behind that they had already taken down the one I needed to watch.  Hulu allows 5 episodes of a show on its free version at a time and after 30 days they have to take it down.  The regulation of this is to try and make you buy into Hulu Plus where you can watch all of the episodes when you want and it drives me up the wall.  Another thing I just discovered is this “We currently don’t have the rights to make this show available on TV or mobile devices — request to be notified if it becomes available in Hulu Plus.”  Who decides whether the show can be viewed on mobile devices? What if my laptop is broken and I really want to watch this show? You would think that the network would want people to be able to watch the show no matter where it is.  USA Network also only has those same episodes up on their website so there is no getting around it.  Eventually I found the episode I wanted to watch on a website (pretty bad quality I might add) and it was awesome.  Suits is probably one of the best and well thought out lawyer shows I have ever watched.  It is the only one that has caught my attention and made me want to finish the entire season.  The marketing techniques of the show were what got me to watch in the beginning but now I am an addict.  I was walking with my friends in NYC and we see a bunch of ice cream stands on almost every corner with an umbrella that had Suits advertising all over it.  They were giving away free ice cream with a paper around the cone promoting the show.  Since I ate the ice cream I felt like I needed to give the show a chance and my friends and I were instantly hooked.  So thank you USA for giving me free ice cream and Suits but you seriously need to stop regulating the video content on your site because its stopping me from enjoying the full quality of your show.