21st Sep2011

Fall TV Doesn’t Disappoint

by sam

So far the fall line up for prime time tv has been phenomenal.  Many shows have returned this week or will be returning next week.  Also, there are a few new shows that have begun like New Girl on Fox with Zooey Deschanel.  She plays a quirky, dorky girl who moves in with 3 guys who have decided to take her under their wing because she has just gone through a tough breakup.  I like Zooey in anything she’s in (especially the movie 500 Days of Summer) but she brings such an interesting character to this show and really out does herself.  How I Met Your Mother came back on Monday and it seemed to be back to it’s old self, despite a less than spectacular previous season.  It finally made me laugh again.  Glee also returned this week with some surprising additions and losses.  While Blaine is now a member of the Glee Club, Quinn quit and Sam moved (tear).  The musical numbers reminded me of season one and not like the past season where they did tribute episodes and kind of lost the storyline.  It looks like it’s going to be a great season and I know there are going to be 2 new characters who won a chance to be on Glee through the Glee Project.  Modern Family came back tonight and started the season off with a bang…literally.  Mitchell was nervous about adopting a son because he never really liked things that boys did as a child so he decides to team up with Luke to blow up a bird house.  The two episodes that aired tonight may be my favorites ever.  They had me laughing so hard I was crying.  My favorite quote of the night was when Mitchell was explaining how Cam is very attached to their daughter Lilly and said, “Cam wears her like a fanny pack.”  I highly suggest watching all of these shows! You can find them on CH131.com